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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 month appt.

Kylar had his 2 month appt. last week (even though he's closer to 3 months!). Our little chunk now weighs 9 lbs 12 oz and is 23 inches long. He had to get 2 shots :( But he did great! We gave him a little Tylenol after and my poor baby slept the rest of the night (even through our noisy dinner at Abuelos!) I think it bothered me more than it did him! He's doing great and growing like a weed! He finally eats better and is officially sleeping through the night! What a sweetie ;) I am back to work (only part time) so his sleeping patterns have definitely helped make it a smoother transition. He is full of all sorts of coos and giggles. We love to sit and watch him! He loves to play and be sung to and he loves his bouncy seat! He thinks he is grown and could stand on our laps and bounce for hours! We are taking tons of picures and lots of video because he is growing before our eyes! We're totally in love with our little guy :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our last few months, in pictures ;)

Such a big boy! 2 months old!!Opening my first Christmas gift!

So sleepy!

Such a HAPPY boy!

Milk Mouth!


Nakey boy!

First Thanksgiving!

I'm new here!

Daddy's Bday Party

A few weeks old!

First real bath!


First visit to the Pedi

First "bath" in the sink!

Hospital Pics

Finally able to visit!

Day 3 of life ;)

Going home, for the 2nd time! and for GOOD!

Daddy and Ky napping!

So happy to finally get to hold him in my arms!

Happy 25th Trav!!

My poor boy :(

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Mimi stopping by for a visit

Daddy feeding Ky in the nursery

My very first trip out of the room....

Our home for 2 weeks!

Nana, GG, Bob and PawPaw eating him up!

Okay, we're home.. Now what?!?!?!

Our 10 day post birth stay

After Kylar was born we were transferred to a recovery room where we spent Saturday Sunday and Monday. He was doing great at this point, maintaining his temp and nursing well. My blood pressure was still elevated but getting better. On Monday, we were both released.

Needless to say, Monday was a horrible night. I was in quite a bit of pain and the baby was getting cold and not eating. We were due back Tuesday for another set of bilirubin labs. We took little Kylar in to have his foot pricked and then we left. The dr. called us about an hr later and said that his levels were really high and his temperature wasn't even registering. He was starting to get very sick from the jaundice. He would have to be readmitted overnight and kept under the lights.

We were so sad but Sentara was nice enough to give us a courtesy room that night. His levels went down the next day and they intended to release him. As we were waiting for release papers, I started to feel very very ill. I hollered for the nurse who came in and took my blood pressure. I had terrible chest pains and felt like I was going to pass out. She check my BP and it was 175/105- dangerously high.

They readmitted me right away and ran EKG's, got me on some BP medicine and watched me over the next several days. That same night, Kylar's eating got worse and his temperature was getting lower and lower. He was sent back to the nursery yet again. They tried feeding him all night but he was just too weak to suck. They eventually decided to incubate him to keep him warm and put the tubes in to feed him so he could have a break. I cried all I ever wanted to. It was so pitiful to have my little guy taken from me and placed in that box with tubes in his face, but I knew it was best for him. As sick as I was, I was in no condition to care for him as he needed anyhow.

Over the next several days, the nurses worked with feeding him and he was eventually able to have the tube removed. One the 8th day they let him in the open crib for a trial and he did great. He maintained his temperature and gained some weight so we were able to leave on the 10th day. He was back up to his birth weight of 4lbs 9 oz. While we were there my blood pressure eventually started to come down but it would be another 7 weeks before it would normalize.

While we were in the hospital Travis and I really leaned on one another. I don't think we've ever been so close. The mutual fear, love and excitement we felt as co-parents was something we were realy able to bond over. We really depended on one another to get through this difficult time. We also celebrated the 25th birthday of the best dad I know. We enjoyed lots of visitors from Nana, Mimi, GG, Paw Paw, Uncle Rick and Pastor Matt and Nancy. We can't thank you all enough for your continued love and support. We would have never been able to get through it without all of your prayers and encouragement!

Also a special thank you to Sentara for allowing us to stay while Kylar was in there. He had an awesome group of nurses (as did I) who really made it a pleasant stay. God truly blessed us and we are eternally grateful.

such a slacker.. but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!