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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

36w bump

36 week baby progress

Here's what baby H should be up to this week ;)

By this week of pregnancy your baby's crown-to-rump length reaches about 13.5 inches and the total length is approximately 20.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 6 pounds now. The top of your uterus has moved further up under your ribs and is about 5.5 inches above your bellybutton. Your uterus has grown a lot in the past few weeks as your baby has gained weight. You may have gained about 30 pounds by now and it is common for your weight to stay about the same from this point onwards.

Almost full-grown baby at about 36 weeks pregnancyBecause the top of the uterus is high as it will be, breathing may be getting very uncomfortable at times. You might notice jabbing pains from your baby's kicks. However, within the next few weeks, your baby will drop into the birth canal and this will make breathing easier again. Most doctors like to see their patients weekly from now on to check for labor progression. Your prenatal classes are probably coming to an end and you should have already made a birth plan and discussed available options for pain control during pregnancy.

Your baby's face has filled out significantly and looks smooth and plump. Because your baby has powerful sucking muscles and has had layers of fat forming for quite some time now, the cheeks have filled out like a newborn's. Your baby's skull is firm, but not hard. Every baby's head has the ability to give slightly so that there is room for her to fit down the birth canal during delivery. Some babies are born with cone shaped heads from the pressure of delivery, but this will go away after delivery. The amount of amniotic fluid is at its maximum amount now and your baby may not be moving as much as she had been. As long as you still feel her movements every day, there should be no cause for concern.

The placenta is now one-sixth of the fetal weight.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick update

After we got back from the NST on Thursday, we ended up back at the women's center on Saturday night because I was so swollen and my blood pressure was back up. I was in triage for a few hours and they were able to get my BP back down. All of my labs and urine still look good, so they are not suspecting pre-eclampsia just yet.

I was hoping that'd be the end of the blood pressure debacle! I had a follow up appt. this morning to re-check my urine and blood pressure. Well- it was through the roof again, so back to the women's center I went! They were able to get it to come down again and I was able to go home! I have to repeat my labs and 24 urine when we go to our big appt. on Friday (This is the appt. where we'll find out about the baby's growth as well as the c-section).

The dr seems to think at this point it is just pregnancy induced hypertension- which often happens for no apparent reason towards the end of pregnancy. So long as it doesn't start to show changes in blood or urine, we should be ok! I, unfortunately, have to remain on pretty strict bed rest for now, but our little blessing will be here in a few weeks and it will all be worth it! Thanks again for all of the continued thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

NST and a few pics!

Last night we had to head back to the hospital to drop off my 24 hour urine bucket. Good times ;) I also had to do a non stress test to make sure the baby was doing fine. My blood pressure was pretty good and the baby was doing wonderfully! I have to go back to the dr. on Tuesday to re-check blood pressure and urine and then we're set for our growth scan on next Friday. We're VERY anxious to see what our little guy has been up to in the past 3 weeks! We can't wait to meet him!!!

Here are a few maternity pics-- Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

35 week appt.

Yesterday we had our 35 week appt. We met with the dr. for the first time and I really liked her! She was pleased with my food diary and that I had gained a few lbs since being on bed rest. I've really got the hang of eating everything in sight Whatever my little guy needs

She did my group b strep swab and asked if I wanted to be checked. Of course, I said YES! Boy did I NOT know what I was getting myself into! Needless to say I was only 1 cm dilated and 60 % effaced.

Now onto the bad news--- My blood pressure was through the roof both times they checked it, so they sent Travis and I over to L&D where we had to stay for the next 5 hours while they monitored my BP, contractions and the baby. My BP eventually went down, I was having quite a few contractions, but the baby was doing great. They sent me home with the pee container to collect for 24 hours. I have to take it back tonight and then stay for a Non stress Test to be sure the baby isn't under any sort of distress. This makes me feel a little better because his movements have slowed some recently. The dr. anticipates that all will be fine with both my BP and the NST.

I also got a short 15 sec. u/s in the hospital to make sure he was still head down because the dr said when she examined me she couldn't tell. Luckily- he's still in the right position! Woohoo!! We go for our next growth scan next Friday to determine if he has fattened up any and hopefully I will get off of bed rest if he has! I'm hoping for good news

Monday, October 19, 2009

35 week bump and a quick update

Many of you have been asking for an update and I apologize that I've yet to post one! Afterall, I have been couch-ridden. There's really no excuse ;) I have remained on bedrest and will continue to do so until October 30th when we find out if the baby has done any growing. I must say, I am INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY blessed. So many people have reached out to us, we've had tons of phone calls, visitors, thoughts and prayers. We are SO very grateful for everyone's support! My job has been so gracious and good to me- I couldn't be more thankful. My husband has been amazing and so accommodating- despite his many trips to the woods, he's still been extremely supportive and sacrificed a great deal! My parents and in-laws have been a godsend! And thank you to all of our wonderful friends as well!

I've been keeping busy with company from my mom, baking, folding clothes from the couch, working on my lap top, scrap booking and watching movies! I look forward to returning to my normal activities as soon as I can but know I am doing what is very best for our little baby boy! We can't wait to meet him!!!

We don't really have an update on the baby and won't know much until our follow up ultrasound on October 30th. We do have a regular appt. tomorrow and I will update afterward if there is any new news. Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!! We'll keep you posted :)

35 week baby progress

Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point.

The baby begins to develop its own immune system.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update from yesterday's appt.

Yesterday we had our growth u/s and regular 33 week appt. If you recall, at our last appt., the baby was measuring 4 weeks behind. We had the u/s and the baby looked good. The placenta seemed to look fine as well as the fluid levels. He was, however, still measuring very very small. She measured him to be in the 17th percentile. They said that they do not get overly concerned until you get below the 10th percentile or if the baby appears to not be making steady growth. We're set to go back in 2 weeks for our regular appt and three weeks for another growth scan to see if there is improvement in his growth. With that said.... I've been put on bed rest for the next three weeks.

I have to keep a food diary for the next two weeks and increase my caloric intake in hopes to fatten the little guy up. I've got strict bed, couch, bathroom orders. If the baby does not have a significant amount of growth after the three weeks of increased calories and bed rest, they will induce labor and begin fattening him up on the outside.

They told me that his size could simply be a result of my small frame and size coupled with a fast metabolism and being very active. There could also be placental problems (though the placenta did look good). It's also possible that it could be inter uterine growth restriction. Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) We are holding out faith that sitting around sipping milkshakes is going to fatten this baby up and in three weeks he will be good to go! If not, we're prepared for an induction. We just want him to be happy and healthy and strong. Thanks for all of your prayers!

In regards to the c/s recommendation:
I brought this up at yesterday's appt. They still hadn't received anything from the neurologist, but did send something over requesting it. After talking with the NP, she set me up to see the dr. at my next visit. She did, however, say that she feels very strongly that both my dr. and my insurance company would require more urgency/medical complications to approve the c-section. She doesn't think it will be an issue. She said if nothing else, my dr (OB ) would approve a trial labor. I won't know for sure until I talk to the actual OB in two weeks, but I do feel a little better about the situation.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Last week was not particularly cheerful for us. After hearing that our little guy was measuring a month behind, I had a less than optimal dr's appt....
Last Tuesday I had the appt. with my neurologist. If you look down a few posts, I explained why I had to go. Well, his "medical recommendation" was ..... deep breath....., c section.

I was absolutely devastated. We've done all the right things! We planned this pregnancy, we took the classes, we read the books, we planned our ideal "delivery",... it was a HUGE blow. After having some time to let it sink in (and having a moajor cry session in my WONDERFUL husband's arms), I am happy to say that I'm feeling much better about the possibility. I know many of you are probably thinking, "C-section? Big deal! People have them everyday!".

This is true, but I suppose I felt like I was having my birth experience overhauled, I was scared of the actual surgery itself, not being mobile, not being able to hold my little guy or be all 'with it' for his birth, breastfeeding difficulties, complications with the surgery, having to PICK our babies birthday instead of letting nature take it's course, etc. etc etc. The list goes on. After having a week to stew on it, I am feeling much much better.

With that said- I still have to talk to my ob's office and see if they will go along with this recommendation or allow me to make the decision on my own. If they insist that we will be going along with the neurologist's recommendation, I am fully prepared to get a second opinion, as I am leary of his recom. and his overall diagnosis. The neurologist's reason for the c-section is that pushing, "may possibly cause me to retrigger symptoms I had in the past".- ie: headaches. Not only is this not enough reason to justify getting sliced open (in my opinion) but I am not convinced he's accurate with his diagnosis, which is why I un-medicated myself to begin with.

I am fully prepared- either way- for the decisions to be made and will have peace regardless. I only want what is BEST for both my son and myself and wouldn't think about jeopardizing either of our health. I do, however, want to make sure that whichever conclusion is reached, it is done so thoroughly and with purpose. I'd hate to have the surgery simply based on a misguided recommendation. I will absolutely keep you posted as to what the outcome is or will be.

In other IMPORTANT baby news ;) We get to see our little guy tomorrow which we are SO excited about! I can't believe it's been 17ish weeks or so since we've seen him and I'm sure he's changed and grown so much. We are having our growth ultrasound to be sure that he is measuring and growing properly, considering his fundal measurements were off my 4 weeks at our last appt. I am very anxious but am so thankful for all of the prayers we've received and feel sure that God has his hand on my precious baby! I know he is going to be just perfect. After the ultrasound, we will have our 33 week appt. and I'll also get a chance to go over the neurologists' recommendation. I will post more in the next few days about the outcome of all of it! I know this was long- but those are the latest updates =) Thanks for reading!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby H's progress @ 33 weeks...

Your baby weighs about 4.4 pounds at this point. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is approximately 12 inches and the total length is around 19.4 inches. Measuring from the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is 5.2 inches. Total weight gain at this point of pregnancy is usually 22 to 28 pounds.

With the exception of crying, your baby is capable of doing everything that a newborn baby will do. Your baby is restricted now inside of the uterus, but still can kick and move. Your baby sleeps a lot of the time, just as newborn babies do. Your baby's eyes move in the manner of REM sleep and researchers believe that babies can dream vividly in uterus. When your baby is awake, she is listening, feeling and learning. There are billions of neurons in the brain that make trillions of connections. Your baby will probably have settled into the birth position by now and your caregiver can most likely tell which way your baby is presenting. If your baby were to be born now, the lungs would probably be strong enough to function properly, but your baby may still need extra care from specially trained doctors and nurses.

During these last few weeks of pregnancy, most women experience an increased urge to urinate. The uterus puts a lot of pressure on the bladder and can send you to the restroom frequently. Your uterus has actually grown 500 times throughout your pregnancy! Red blood cell production catches up with the production of plasma and physiological anemia may begin to fade at this time.

Your baby's eyes open during alert times and close during sleep. The eye color is usually blue, regardless of the permanent color as pigmentation is not fully developed. The final formation of eye pigmentation requires exposure to light and usually happens a few weeks after birth.

33 week bump

I appologize that there has not been a recent update- but I promise to update very soon! I have a hectic work day but will write more later! In the meantime, here's a 33 week bump update! This Wednesday is the growth ultrasound to check on the little guy and we're really looking forward to seeing him again :)