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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back from the dr...

On Tuesday, Travis and I had our 12 week appt. We saw a different midwife this time... She was very nice but we really like our midwife! All of my first tri bloodwork came back normal andI had lost 2 pounds. She said this was fine and that I'd catch up later....and I have NO doubts I will. In fact, the weight gain is on eof the scariest parts of this pregnancy for me. My feelings were a little hurt by her next comment... but I tried not to take it personal She said, "We want you to stay between 20 and 35 pounds... but with a smaller frameyou might want to stick closer to the 20 lb range". She explained that it's harder on a smaller frame to carry the extra weight... etc. I've known very few pregnant friends to only gain 20 lbs (even if they're small) so hopefully I can stay in that range. hahaha... time will tell, but I have my doubts!

I was so very nervous that we wouldn't hear a heartbeat on the doppler and she warned me not to panic if it took some time, as they move so quickly at this time.... but as soon as she put the doppler on my belly, we heard the heartbeat It was wonderful and I got very teary eyed! It's so nice to know there's actually something in there!! I asked her about the NT scan that I hear so many people talking about and she said they do the dating ultrasound, 1st trimester bloodwork, another bloodscreen at 16 weeks for genetic abnormalities and the 4-d ultrasound at 20 weeks. I guess I'm not going to worry too much about it, but I just wonder why so many others are doing this but my dr. isn't ??

They also wouldn't budge on the gender ultrasound. We have to wait til the full 20 weeks, so it will be July 7. I am so impatient, but totally fine with waiting!! After our appt we went to Babies R Us and picked out LOTS of things!! I am so glad we were able to agree on so much. We didn't purchase anything just yet but plan to very soon. I can't WAIT to shop!! Thanks for reading... and here's a 12 week pic ;)

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