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Monday, July 6, 2009

Belly Pic- 20 weeks

Not much of a change from last week... but I definitely feel like I'm doing more growing in these last few weeks. I am feeling movement here and there... but nothing very constant just yet. I don't really have many cravings aside from sharp cheddar cheese at the moment! I am still feeling great and seem to have lots of energy. We are still working away on the nursery and I will post pics soon! I am almost done painting and then I can get the furniture back in there. I have been feeling som sharp abdominal pain since Saturday night and will be going to the dr. this afternoon. I feel sure everything is fine- but would rather be on the safe side. Other than that- I just can't believe that in a short 4 months (or 140 days) our little guy will be here! CRAZY!!! But I can't wait!

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