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Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 3 months baby boy!!

WHAT A JOY HE IS!!! I honestly never ever could have imagined the absolute love and joy my heart could feel until having this sweet baby. He is just growing before my very eyes. I enjoy every moment with him. These days he is full of coos, giggles and smiles. He got a new froggy toy that hangs from his carseat and papasan chair that he absolutely LOVES. I swear I could sit and watch this boy giggle at that toy ALL day! It is so sweet! He is very responsive to our voices now and will give us a huge grin when we talk to him. He is such a wiggle worm and bounces and squirms all day! We are pretty well settled on a routine now. He gets up around 5am to eat his first bottle and usually naps for a bit longer and gets up again around 8. He usually stays awake a good while after his 8 am feeding and cat naps on and off all day. He eats around 4-5 oz every three hours- usually closer to 4. He weighs somewhere close to 11 lbs! We usually give him his bath at 9pm every night, lotion him up, swaddle then give him his last bottle of the evening before he goes down for the night. we resume and repeat the next morning at 5 am!
I absolutely love being his mommy and I am so grateful and so blessed for the time we share together.

I am still exclusively pumping and that is going well. He is also supplemented with high calorie formula added to each bottle. We hope to get him off of that as soon as he's ready but the dr's want to see him chunk up a bit first. We are looking forward to practicing with rice cereal soon! I'll be sure to post pictures! He love love loves bath time :) I can't wait until he can sit up and really enjoy it. He has excellent next control despite his lack of interest in tummy time. He could stand and bounce on my lap for hours and gets mad at me when we stop! I think I may introduce a jumperoo or exersaucer next month :) He is such a happy boy and Travis and I are head over heels in love with him (and eachother ;) )

On his 3 month birthday we enjoyed about 8 or so inches of snow. Momma and Daddy LOVED it, but Ky wasn't a huge fan ;) Here are some pics!

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