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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Appt with the midwife

After much research and great dissapointment that my regular GYN didn't deliver babies, I decided on going to Specialist for Women. They practice out of Obici and I am certain I made the right decision. We had our first appt with the mid wife on Tuesday March 31st. During this appt she asked us lots of questions, did lots of blood work and sent us home with lots of goodies. Our first ultrasound was scheduled for Tuesday April 14th!

At this appt, Travis and I were able to see and hear our little bean for the first time! It was absolutely wonderful! We were sent home with lots of pictures and a DVD. The babies due date was set for November 23rd, just 3 days before Thanksgiving our little turkey should be here! I will post pictures of the ultrasound as soon as I figure out how ;)

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