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Thursday, June 11, 2009

16 week appt.

Travis and I had our 16 week appt! Everything went great! We met with the P.A. this time, as we are still making our rounds meeting everyone. Starting next visit, I should be able to see my regular midwife for each appt. The baby had a nice strong heartbeat of about 160!! They ran all sorts of blood work for the quad screen:

What's that you ask?
The link will give you a little info.

All of my vitals were good and my weight was up about a pound and a half from pre pregnancy. The best news of ALL is that the P.A. was able to schedule our gender 4d ultrasound. I was more than thrilled! Our original mid wife insisted we wait the full 20 weeks, but the PA scheduled our scan for TWO WEEKS!! That's right,... we'll know the sex of our little baby in only TWO WEEKS!! I can't wait! Let the shopping begin!!

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