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Monday, September 21, 2009

31 week update:

Well, well, well! This was definitely an interesting week around casa de Holland! I started early in the week with some pretty strong Braxton Hicks contrations and they continued most of the week. I suppose my body is just practicing for the real thing! I had experienced a few of these in weeks prior, but nothing as intense or frequent as this week! Baby H's movement is also getting stronger. The kicks/punches/elbows are starting to feel more intense. I suppose he's getting stronger and a little more powerful ;) He seems to have found a nice set of monkey bars via my right rib cage :) He's a big fan!

Saturday I was able to attend a breastfeeding class that the hospital offered and I really enjoyed it. I plan to breastfeed and pump as long as I can, so it was really nice to get some info and a little encouragement. I can't believe we're in single digit weeks and our little guy will be here so soon! Here's a bump update for week 31!

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