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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Appt update...

On Tuesday, Travis and I had our 31 week appt. We're on the every two week deal right now and most of our appts are pretty routine and mundane at this point. This week in particular, I had several things to talk to the midwife about, because I hadn't been feeling too pleasant. I've had lots of cramping, tons of Braxton Hicks and some abdominal and back pain- similar to the pain I experienced at 21 weeks with the kidney stones.

Our appt. was at 4:15 and the office was an absolutely madhouse! Of the 4 dr's and midwives on staff that day, 2 were out with emergencies, leaving only 2 to take on all of their patients. Needless to say, it was over an hour and 15 minutes before we were finally seen. As if the wait wasn't enough... the midwife informed me that my weight had decreased the past 2 visits (so I HAVE to beef up the protein intake) and I had blood in my urine indicating another kidney stone. YIKES! Unfortunately, there isn't much they can do for them, other than send you to the ER when things get bad. Luckily my pain hasn't been intolerable and if it does I suppose we'll treck on over the the hospital.

She said the Braxton Hicks and cramping were pretty normal, which I figured. The babys heartbeat sounded good and he is now in the head down position. He's very low and my abdomen is very tight! The concerning part of the appt. came when she did the fundal measurements and told us that the baby was measuring 4 weeks behind. She seemed a little concerned and scheduled us for an ultrasound at our next visit.

Travis and I literally spent the next 2 hours a worried, nervous mess thinking of all the awful possibilities of our baby being to small. I was comforted to hear that the fundal measurements can be off and aren't always accurate. The midwife did also say that it's likely I'm just a small person who will deliver a small baby. All of my mom's children were small and we're claiming that this is the explaination! My fears still remain, but I guess this is just the beginning of parenthood and I'm sure the worrying will never stop. I will continue to trust that the ultrasound in 2 weeks will show that our little guy is healthy and growing. I know that God is in control and I trust that he will see us through. Thank you to everyone who has lifted our family up in prayer. I will keep you posted :)

Here's an *almost* 32 week (8month) shot of the growing bump!

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