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Friday, August 14, 2009

25 week appt.

Yesterday Travis and I met with the P.A (whom we love) for our 25 week appt. We're pretty sad that she doesn't deliver babies, but we love our midwife and hope she'll be on call :)

Everything looked great. My weight was about the same, BP was good, and the baby's heart rate was just perfect! He's not a fan of the doppler and kicked it off while she was trying to listen! He was measuring around 24-25 weeks, so right on target! We scheduled our next appt for two weeks which is when I'll get the dreadful gestational diabetes (sugar test). I'm hoping I'm in the clear. Although I already have a good diet, I'd hate to be even more restricted. After our appt we had a good dinner and finished up some purchases for the nursery. We're still working away and I hope to have pictures very soon. Who knew it'd take us so long ;)

I can NOT believe that after yesterday's appt we now go every TWO WEEKS! Time has just flown by and I'll be in the final trimester in a matter of weeks! We have to also pre-register at the hospital at our next visit. Ahhh!!! Childbirth classes are still going well! We have our third one this Monday and our final one the following Monday. Because I can't get an epidural, I need to learn all of the coping mechanisms I can get my paws on! It's been very informative and pretty helpful.

We're very excited to meet this little guy and also very excited for our baby showers in the coming weeks and months. Thanks again to everyone who has been keeping up with us! We love you all and I'll update soon :)

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