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Monday, August 17, 2009

26 weeks and other updates!

Here's a front and a side shot for this week's bump update :)

So- 26 weeks! Wow! It's the last week on the second trimester and the last week of my 6th month! I am still feeling pretty good! We made LOTS of progress on the nursery this weekend and I'll post pictures of that soon! Tonight is our 3rd out of 4 childbirth classes. Tonight's class is on interventions (c-sections, inductions, epidurals, pain meds, etc). I enjoy learning but think this portion may freak me out! I'm hoping and praying I'll get the birth I want, but know *anything can happen* so it's important to know what to potentially expect. Baby H is still as active as ever and let's me know he's in there ;) We love feeling him move around and practice his boxing skills :) More pics to come soon!

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