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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update from yesterday's appt.

Yesterday we had our growth u/s and regular 33 week appt. If you recall, at our last appt., the baby was measuring 4 weeks behind. We had the u/s and the baby looked good. The placenta seemed to look fine as well as the fluid levels. He was, however, still measuring very very small. She measured him to be in the 17th percentile. They said that they do not get overly concerned until you get below the 10th percentile or if the baby appears to not be making steady growth. We're set to go back in 2 weeks for our regular appt and three weeks for another growth scan to see if there is improvement in his growth. With that said.... I've been put on bed rest for the next three weeks.

I have to keep a food diary for the next two weeks and increase my caloric intake in hopes to fatten the little guy up. I've got strict bed, couch, bathroom orders. If the baby does not have a significant amount of growth after the three weeks of increased calories and bed rest, they will induce labor and begin fattening him up on the outside.

They told me that his size could simply be a result of my small frame and size coupled with a fast metabolism and being very active. There could also be placental problems (though the placenta did look good). It's also possible that it could be inter uterine growth restriction. Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) We are holding out faith that sitting around sipping milkshakes is going to fatten this baby up and in three weeks he will be good to go! If not, we're prepared for an induction. We just want him to be happy and healthy and strong. Thanks for all of your prayers!

In regards to the c/s recommendation:
I brought this up at yesterday's appt. They still hadn't received anything from the neurologist, but did send something over requesting it. After talking with the NP, she set me up to see the dr. at my next visit. She did, however, say that she feels very strongly that both my dr. and my insurance company would require more urgency/medical complications to approve the c-section. She doesn't think it will be an issue. She said if nothing else, my dr (OB ) would approve a trial labor. I won't know for sure until I talk to the actual OB in two weeks, but I do feel a little better about the situation.

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