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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

35 week appt.

Yesterday we had our 35 week appt. We met with the dr. for the first time and I really liked her! She was pleased with my food diary and that I had gained a few lbs since being on bed rest. I've really got the hang of eating everything in sight Whatever my little guy needs

She did my group b strep swab and asked if I wanted to be checked. Of course, I said YES! Boy did I NOT know what I was getting myself into! Needless to say I was only 1 cm dilated and 60 % effaced.

Now onto the bad news--- My blood pressure was through the roof both times they checked it, so they sent Travis and I over to L&D where we had to stay for the next 5 hours while they monitored my BP, contractions and the baby. My BP eventually went down, I was having quite a few contractions, but the baby was doing great. They sent me home with the pee container to collect for 24 hours. I have to take it back tonight and then stay for a Non stress Test to be sure the baby isn't under any sort of distress. This makes me feel a little better because his movements have slowed some recently. The dr. anticipates that all will be fine with both my BP and the NST.

I also got a short 15 sec. u/s in the hospital to make sure he was still head down because the dr said when she examined me she couldn't tell. Luckily- he's still in the right position! Woohoo!! We go for our next growth scan next Friday to determine if he has fattened up any and hopefully I will get off of bed rest if he has! I'm hoping for good news

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