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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick update

After we got back from the NST on Thursday, we ended up back at the women's center on Saturday night because I was so swollen and my blood pressure was back up. I was in triage for a few hours and they were able to get my BP back down. All of my labs and urine still look good, so they are not suspecting pre-eclampsia just yet.

I was hoping that'd be the end of the blood pressure debacle! I had a follow up appt. this morning to re-check my urine and blood pressure. Well- it was through the roof again, so back to the women's center I went! They were able to get it to come down again and I was able to go home! I have to repeat my labs and 24 urine when we go to our big appt. on Friday (This is the appt. where we'll find out about the baby's growth as well as the c-section).

The dr seems to think at this point it is just pregnancy induced hypertension- which often happens for no apparent reason towards the end of pregnancy. So long as it doesn't start to show changes in blood or urine, we should be ok! I, unfortunately, have to remain on pretty strict bed rest for now, but our little blessing will be here in a few weeks and it will all be worth it! Thanks again for all of the continued thoughts and prayers!

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